About me

Who is the guy behind Life Eskape and whats his story ?

Hello, I’m Alan and this is my story. At the age of 16 I decided school just wasn’t for me and I wanted to get out into the big bad world ahead of all my friends. With no education “on paper”, I feel the education I have received through life itself can not be thought in school or read in a book.


In such a short period of time I have been a Carpenter, Delivery Man, Car Wash Attendant, Paper Boy, Shop Assistant, Dj, Radio Presenter, Actor (one night only, not a very good sign), Nightclub Manager, Promoter, Booking Agent, Hotel Manager and Manager of a Multi National Corporate Business.

Do I regret leaving school? Yes. 

Has it ever stopped me from doing what I’ve wanted to do? No. 

School just was not for me. I wasn’t in to sports, I was over weight and getting a hard time for it, I hated reading and being told what I HAD to learn and I found it difficult to make friends. At the age of 16 I broke my parents hearts and told them I was leaving. Its certainly not the done thing and there is this stigma out there that if you have no paper to prove your educated, then no one will give you a job. Hence this stupid phrase “you’ll never be anything”.

Being told things such as “you’ll never have anything without an education” made me very angry and pushed me to prove everyone wrong. From the day I turned 14 I always had two jobs, working 12 hour days, obviously just at the weekends up until the age of 16. At 6am I would get up and go delivering sandwiches for 4 hours and from 10am to 6pm I would wash cars at a local petrol station. I earned £2.00 per hour and I loved every minute of it. Being such a perfectionist I got a great kick out of seeing the dirtiest of cars pull in and sparkling clean cars pull out.

“If you can dream it, you can achieve it”

I’m not going into detail of every single job I have ever had because lets be honest, who cares?. My point is, never let negativity stand in your way, never let anyone tell you “YOU CANT DO THAT” or “YOU”LL NEVER BE THAT”. You have two choices in my opinion, sit on your ass all day and wait for an opportunity to knock at the door, or do what I did, kick down as many doors as is physically possible until you find the right opportunity for you.

Do not let anyone tell you that you’ll never BE anything . You can BE anything you set your mind to.

A true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.