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Egypt. Why Not ?
23rd November 2015
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Egypt’s tourism minister said on Saturday he expects the number of tourists to drop by 13 percent in 2015/2016, compared to the year before, reaching 9 million tourists. This makes me very sad indeed and to be honest thanks to the mainstream media I think this figure is very conservative.

I must say when I first thought about visiting Egypt I was very nervous. Then I asked myself why am I so nervous ? I was nervous because of all the bad free it had been getting but then I decided to do a bit more study in to it.



The easiest way I can describe it is by asking these questions.

“What if people stayed away from Ireland because of the troubles in the north?”

“Where would we be then?”

“Is Ireland safe?”

In 2014 The Irish Tourist Industry Confederation said that the tourism figure was a 9% increase on last year, amounting to €300 million.

The confederation said that the 7.3 million overseas visitors to Ireland in 2014 represented the highest number in the sector in six years.

In Egypt there is a small bit of trouble in the North and suddenly the whole world seems to think Egypt is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Egypt in my opinion is one of the most beautiful, unique and friendliest countries I have ever visited and I can’t wait to go back.

Here is a brief video I put together of my 7 days in Egypt in 2015.

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